2012 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta boasts 740 horsepower

The 2012 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is the new front-engined V12 supercar from Maranello that was unveiled last week at the 2012 Geneva motor show. The F12 Berlinetta is the most powerful road car ever produced by the Italians. It boasts a ridiculous 740 horsepower 6262cc V12 under its hood that’s capable hitting 62 mph in 3.1 seconds. Ferrari took the time to let the F12 Berlinetta loose for a few blistering laps around Fiorano (Ferrari’s private racetrack for development and testing purposes) and the coupe managed to snatch the lap record from the 599 GTO. The F12 Berlinetta did the deed in a blistering 1:23, beating the previous champ by a full second, and the mighty Ferrari Enzo by two seconds. No price has of yet been set , but it is being rumored to be in the £250,000 range ($396,000).

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