Lily James: Birthday Girl


Lily James, born April 5, 1989 in Esher, United Kingdom. The English actress is probably best known for her role as Lady Rose MacClare in the British period drama television series “Downton Abbey” and the title role in the 2015 Disney film “Cinderella”.

Lily James

Lily James beautiful and sexy

Lily James beautiful in a beaded dress

Lily James in a sexy red dress

Lily James stars as an Olympic sprinter in the 2012 movie Fast Girls

Girls! Girls! Girls! Japanese Geisha


Women dressed as geisha in Kyoto, Japan. They are wearing traditional kimonos and geta. Geisha (芸者) are traditional Japanese artist-entertainers. Geisha were very common in the 18th and 19th centuries, and are still in existence today, although their numbers are dwindling. The geisha tradition evolved from the taikomochi or hōkan, similar to court jesters. Geisha were traditionally trained from young childhood although modern geisha begin their training, which remains extremely long and difficult, at much older age.


Women wearing specific kimono and geta traditional for maiko (geisha apprentices). Photographer Michael Reeve  March 26, 2004 in Kyoto, Japan.